Unnat Jain
Unnat Jain
PhD student, UIUC

*Disclaimer:* This is a spoof page for Unnat's birthday in 2020
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Go big or go home: Optimizing daily routines at femtosecond scales
U Jain, K Kothari
International Conference on Machau Lives (ICML), 2016
The Carnot Human: Achieving the thermodynamic limit of human efficiency
U Jain, K Kothari
Extreme Mechanics Letters, 2016
Ode to chai: Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony done right!
U. Jain*, A. Bhattad*, A. S. K. Mohammed*, K. Kothari
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Two-body problem: dividing time between bae and bro
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National Parks and Recreation: Optimal Fall break plans post CVPR deadline
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Look who he ran into: Unleashing the power of network effects
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Unbundling Inertia & Resource Poverty: Chai Poha Watermelon Repeat
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Meow: A guide to create cats from thin air
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MEOW: Managing Excursions on Wheels
U. Jain, P. Ralegankar
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An introduction to combinatorials: a case study of whatsapp groups
U. Jain, P. Ralegaonkar, A. Gupta
Conference of Social Networking , 2016
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Paper++: A new paradigm for publishing papers
U. Jain, B. Shrimali
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100 2020
Go Green (street) and make it (your) Signature
U. Jain*, A Bhattad*, A. S. K. Mohammed
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Overlapping work hours across time zones: Overcoming the illusion of 24 hour days
U. Jain*, A. Srivastava*, A.S.K. Mohammed
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Approaching unity in the ratio of fellowship awards to fellowship applications
U. Jain, A.S.K. Mohammed
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"Hum chhote log": A case study in psychological effects of oxymorons
U. Jain, K. Saboo
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Changing perspectives of Deadlines to Lifelines: Invite them, don't dread them
U. Jain, A.S.K. Mohammed
Philosophical Magazine for CS studentsy , 2016
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CNN I-Build-Them
U. Jain, A.S.K. Mohammed
Journal of Futuristic Vision , 2016
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Optimal training for faster run times: A case study with Champaign joggers
U. Jain, V. Subramanian, S. Sankagiri
Special edition on "Optimal Running" by Nutty Jain , 2016
68 2020
Fast and Numerous: Mantras for research in Machine Learning
U. Jain, A.S.K. Mohammed
International Conference on Unnat's Papers for Machine Learning (IC-UP-ML) , 2016
449 2020
UN-Net: Running Network for Spatial 3D Transformation
U. Jain, S. Kanjalkar, A.Raj
Journal of Human body training , 2016
121 2020
ABS-olute Training in 8 minutes using Tummy Gradient Descent
U. Jain, A. Raj, S. Kanjalkar
Journal of Human body training , 2016
57 2020
Learning robust bae networking under jal pari adversity
U. Jain, A. Pampari
Journal of good luck next time (GLNT) , 2016
83 2020
How to train your models for losses-- eat a high fiber diet
U Jain, A. Gupta
Journal of diet and nutrition , 2016
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Building new friendships through 'khana bato groups': an eternal networking tool
U Jain, A. Gupta
Conference of Social Networking , 2016
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Complete guide to managing fame, money and relationships
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MIT-ron Press , 2016
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The art of praise: Glorifying minor positive traits to the point of senselessness
U. Jain, A. Shrivastava
Unnati Publishing Inc. , 2016
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The art of knowing people
U. Jain, A. S. K. Mohammed
Chambana Publishers , 2016
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Pace the Race: A distributed cycling approach using Aap Following Network
U. Jain, S. Rani
Coordinated Social Conferences , 2016
602 2020
Top2 Bottom2: A tutorial on icebreaking with new friends
U. Jain, R. Kaur
International conference on socializing at scale (ICSS) , 2016
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Fundae on giving more fundae - A complete mentorship guide
U. Jain, A, Pampari
MIT-ron Press , 2016
476 2017
Bhai kal aana tum! (Bro, come tomorrow!)